Do you know any British unsigned bands?

10 May

If the answer to the above is yes then I want to hear from you.

Comment on this entry and tell me who they are, what genre they fit into and link me to their MySpace page. This was not only do you get to have the bands you like featured but you can give them a bigger fan base.

Get commenting.



Introducing: The Mysterons

20 Apr


Image courtesy of The Mysterons music UK

Line Up: Josh Saunders, Andy Bardsley, Chris Bardsley, Nat Jervis
From: Manchester
For Fans Of: The Clash, The Horrors
Song To Check Out: I See The Future

This Manchester four piece have shown fans and critics alike that they have more than a bright future ahead of themselves, as they begin to record new material with the likes of Yves Altana and Martin Coogan of Mock Turtles fame.

Having been compared to the likes of The Jam, Oasis and The Clash, The Mysterons bring fans an indie, gritty post-punk sound, perfect for chilling out to at home or hearing live in one of the venues they have played at, including Manchester Academy 3 and The Roundhouse.

Catch them at Manchester’s Hungry Pigeon Festival on May 29, and throughout Manchester in July and October.

Interview: Tomorrow Belongs To Us

11 Apr

I managed to get an interview with the guys, minus Bryan, from Tomorrow Belongs To Us. Enjoy. :)

How did you get together?
Leemo: The band has had a revolving door of members, and each one has enabled a style change or brought an individual element to the band, I would say that I am the original member, next was Matty, then Leeco then Rob and finally Bryan, our most dramatic change was when Rob entered the band, and all members we have ever had joined because they were our friends, gotta be in a band with people you like. ;)

What was your goal as a band?
Rob: It’s a goal mostly overlooked by a lot of independent bands, but mainly our goal is to have fun and love what we do, that’s why we all got into music really, it’s the feeling that it invokes and when you’ve made that yourself it feels good, obviously we want to promote as much as possible and have a few tours on the back of a few releases, but initially it is to create a sound we love and have fun doing so.

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Interview: Reload The Radio

11 Apr

I managed to get an interview with Olly from Reload The Radio so enjoy. :)

How did you get together?
We all met through the local music scene, Myself (Olly-Bass) & Greg (Guitar) were in a band together previous to Reload The Radio. Things wern’t working out so we contacted Dan (Vocals) about jamming and trying out some tracks with us. Instantly the three of us clicked and we decided to go with it. We met Steve (Drums) at the local practice rooms. He was in a band at the time but was looking for a new challange so once hearing what we were writing show’d instant interest and join.

What is your goal as a band?
Our goals are to make a name for ourselves. We pride ourselves on being a group of musicans who are always looking for new challenges and to make fans everywhere we go.

You hear things about arguments going on in bands, do you really argue or are you pretty good friends?
We are a band of brothers, we do argue, but thats what brothers do. We are all friends in the band. We spend almost all out time together, we go out most weekends together, hang out in the week, go for beer’s in the evenings. Its important for us be social with one another as it show when we perform, you can see how close we all are.

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Influences: Oasis

8 Apr

Line Up: Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Andy Bell, Gem Archer
From: Manchester
For Fans Of: The Beatles
Song To Check Out: Live Forever

For those who know of Oasis, know of the phenomenon that surrounds them. Forming in 1991, Oasis hit the big time during the Brit-pop era of the early-mid 90s, with their first album Definitely Maybe reaching number one. It is easy to say that they helped bring British guitar pop back to the charts once more.

Famous for fighting with one another, brothers Noel and Liam were known never to do interviews with each other, however they managed to get their act together and along with several line up changes, managed to record seven studio albums and release one live album as well as three compilation albums.

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Introducing: Akolayd

8 Apr


Image courtesy of Akolayd

Line Up: Mark Page, Billy Casement, Scott Cockburn, Keith Thompson
From: Scotland
For Fans Of: Oasis
Song To Check Out: Hi Baby Hi

Finding each other and forming a band in 2004, this four piece from Scotland have been hailed as “Grangemouth’s greatest non-chemical-based export, who play anywhere that has electricity,” by the Falkirk Herald.

With strong guitar riffs, penetrating drum beats and an indie vibe, it is obvious that Oasis have provided an influence in song writing and sound for the Scottish outfit. This influence has resulted in the band recording songs that Akolayd themselves describes as being “fresh, upbeat and extremely catchy and the best buzz you’ll get at a gig without using illegal substances.”

Catch the band at The Elwyn in Grangemouth on June 19.

Influences: A Day To Remember

8 Apr

Line Up: Jeremy McKinnon, Neil Westfall, Kevin Skaff, Joshua Woodard, Alex Shellnutt
From: Florida
For Fans Of: Architects, New Found Glory
Song To Check Out: I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

Forming in 2003, A Day To Remember give fans a mixture of pop-punk lyrics and a screamo chorus. In 2007, the band were signed to Victory Records. For many, including myself, the band gained attention after their cover of Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone was posted on their MySpace and picked up on. Since then the band have gone from strength to strength.

Today, the band have released three albums, with their latest album Homesick reaching number 1 in the US indie chart. They have toured with the likes of New Found Glory, Your Demise and Bring Me The Horizon as well as going down well on the festival circuit, including last years Download Festival.

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